Heida Shoemaker Art Conservation provides the following services for Photographs:

Types of photographs treated:
• Early processes such as salted paper, albumen, silver gelatin POP
• Vintage silver gelatin prints
• Contemporary silver gelatin prints
• Chromogenic Development Prints and other color processes
• Digital hardcopy, including color and black and white ink-jet and dye-transfer prints
• Cased photographs – tintypes, ambrotypes, and daguerreotypes
• Negatives and animation cels

• Examination, testing, and analysis of photographs for repair
• Identification of photographic processes and digital hardcopy
• Documentation, including condition assessments, treatment proposals, and cost estimates
• Dry cleaning of dirt, dust, and surface particles
• Surface cleaning to remove grime and surface dirt with aqueous techniques
• Removal of prior tapes, hinges and adhesives, both pressure-sensitive and aqueous adhesives.
• Flattening of distorted, wrinkled and creased photographs
• Washing to remove discoloration and reduce acidity in photograph
• Repair to tears, punctures, and creases
• Mounting of damaged, fragile, or thin photographs (albumen) on rag-board for support
• Color compensation for emulsion loss
• Archival hinging (Japanese tissue and wheat-starch paste)
• Construction of archival housings for storage and display
• Care and maintenance recommendations