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Mounted Photograph – Water Stains Removed

Photograph was removed from paper mount, photo and mount were washed to remove water stains, photo was re-mounted onto original paper mount.

size: 12 ½” x 18″

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Acrylic Painting on Paper – Detached fragment re-attached

Large detached fragment of paper and acrylic paint design was returned to proper place and adhered using Japanese tissue and wheat-starch paste on verso of paper.

size: 18″ x 24″
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Portrait of Annie Oakley Repaired

Photograph was removed from cardboard mount, tears and detached section were repaired, photo was re-mounted on original mount.

size: 5 ½” x 4″

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Pencil Drawing on Paper – Inpainted damage from broken glass

Multiple cuts and scratches from broken framing glass were consolidated and loss to graphite media was replaced by inpainting with graphite to match surrounding design.

size: 23″ x 20″
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Hand-painted oval convex photograph – Repaired and inpainted

Detached sections of the portrait were re-attached with wheat-starch paste and Japanese tissue mends, gaps in break areas were filled with paper inserts, and these inserts plus other areas of loss to the design were inpainted with watercolor.

size: 19″ x 13″
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Gelatin Silver Photograph – Backing removed

The poor quality cardboard backing which was torn and buckled was removed from the photograph, tears were repaired and the photograph was flattened

size: 18″ x 14″
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